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Balancing Act

Posted on Apr 3, 2011 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The modern day Bar or Bat Mitzvah is well, really something, isn’t it? It is so many things to so many people at each and every event. But what it is supposed to be is not always what it becomes.

For you and your family, this celebration of your child should be: Meaningful, Spiritual, Educational, Affordable and Fun. For too many of us what it becomes is: Meaningless, Torturous, Nerve-wracking, Expensive and Joyless.

So the real trick is finding BALANCE. Having an event that matters to you and your child is paramount to a successful Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Creating a day (or weekend) to celebrate their accomplishments (making sure they have truly accomplished something through all of this), will bring your family closer together and leave you with truly special memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you have enough "presents" of mind to BALANCE all there is to do for your upcoming event? If not, we can help!

It’s all about BALANCE – finding the right way to celebrate your child. It’s like finding the perfect suit or dress – if it fits perfectly and feels just right, you’ll know it right away. You’ll feel better and be more poised and confident and your child will as well. With confidence brings BALANCE to your child, to you and your affair. With BALANCE to your celebration you’ll find just the right bit of equilibrium as a parent, participant and host for the service and Kiddush; being mindful of your budget and still get everything you want for you and your child with your celebrations. With BALANCE your nerves will be calmed and you’ll find real meaning in this kind of affair, as you bring your family closer than ever.

I wish you a balanced diet of pride, learning and lots of fun, with memories of your child’s big day that will last a forever. You can do it. They can do it! And so you will. Mazel Tov!

Mark Zettler has been in the business of events for over 30 years as President and founder of Life O’ The Party in 1980. He is also an industry speaker and teacher, running a number of conferences for the balloon and event industry along with his wife, Andrea. They even found time to BALANCE two affairs for their own children, Benjamin and Emily that were unique, memorable and affordable. Call Mark for a free consultation at 201-342-2121 or visit their Web site at

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