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Candle Pieces – Shedding Light On Your Celebration!

Posted on Apr 3, 2012 by in Blog, Uncategorized | 1 comment


We light candles for a variety of reasons, don’t we? At celebrations, on cakes, to remember someone, to relax, at religious worship and well, simply to shine light on us. A number of special events also use candles at special times, too. That’s where custom candle pieces from Life O’ The Party really “shine” through – all puns intended!

Jenni Moore from Colorado Springs, CO wrote this on about candles…

WHY DO WE LIGHT CANDLES? ~ We light candles…

…because we love, and candlelight is a reflection of that love.

…to illuminate our better selves, highlighting the beauty in each other, inside and out.

…to provide comfort in our sadness, soothe our sorrow, and heal the hurt of loss.

…for sanctuary… the aura of candlelight creates a place to meditate, pray, and give devotion.

…for solitude, contemplation, and reflection.

…for hope, not just for ourselves, but to inspire us to bring hope to others.

…to lift our heart, renew our spirit, encourage our body in the healing process.

…because there is darkness… candlelight reminds us the world can be a better place if we believe and work together.

…for community, a thousand candles together is even brighter than a thousand apart.

…because they help illuminate in our hearts what can be.


At your special event on your special day a beautiful, custom made and extraordinary candle piece from Life O’ the Party will help illuminate your special moment even more. To view more of our pieces just click HERE

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