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Making Your Balloons Last Longer

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We are often asked to create décor for events where balloons need to last more than just a day. There are several ways this can be done:

  1. Come back each day to “refresh” or replace balloons.
  2. Use larger latex balloons like 18”, 24” or 36” balloons. These balloons last longer than the standard size 11” latex balloon. The larger the balloon the longer it stays afloat.
  3. Make air-filled creations for your event. Air-filled latex balloons last a lot longer than helium filled latex balloons. We often create air-filled balloon columns that work fantastically well for grand openings, car dealerships and multi-day events.
  4. Use only foil balloons. Foil balloons can float for weeks at a time and look great throughout their “stay” with you. Air-filled foil balloons can last for months!
  5. Use a floating extender called Hi-Float. Hi-Float is a safe, non-toxic substance we inject into each balloon and then fill the balloon with helium. Hi-Float is only used in latex balloons. Hi-Float can increase the floating time of a latex balloon many times over if used properly by balloon professionals like at Life O’ The Party. And again, the larger the balloon, the longer it will stay afloat. Giant 36” latex balloons can float for nearly a month using Hi-Float.








Here is how Hi-Float actually works:

HI-FLOAT is a water based plastic. Immediately after a HI-FLOAT treated balloon is inflated, the HI-FLOAT coating inside the balloon is wet. This wet coating does not prevent helium loss. During the first couple of hours after the balloon is inflated, the water in the HI-FLOAT coating evaporates and escapes through the pores in the latex, leaving a dry HI-FLOAT coating.

This dry coating does a great job of preventing helium loss and prolonging the float time of the balloon. However, if the balloons are kept in a humid location (i.e. typical Summertime or rainy conditions with no air conditioning) moisture from the atmosphere will continually enter the balloon and be absorbed by the HI-FLOAT film. This moisture will prevent the HI-FLOAT film from drying and will allow helium to escape from the balloon.

In general, the lower the absolute humidity in the room, the dryer the HI-FLOAT film will become, and the longer HI-FLOAT treated balloons will float. Because the absolute humidity in an air conditioned room in the Summer is higher than in a heated room in Winter, HI-FLOAT treated balloons float for a shorter time in Summer than in Winter. An 11 inch HI-FLOAT treated balloon will float for about 1 week if kept in a climate controlled location in Summer. The same balloon will float for about 4 weeks in Winter.


  1. Do you know how

    • Yes, we do know how. The article was very clear about a number of ways to have balloons last longer. If you heat seal foil balloons that will allow them to last as long as possible.

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