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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bar and Bat Mitzvahs But Were Afraid To Ask

Too often fear surrounds people who wish to sell more to this lucrative market. Lose the dread (and learn the easiest of tips and tricks instead) and you’ll be designing and successfully selling for these events in no time. Mark will review basic religious principles, glossary of terms, selling techniques and show lots of great designs he has created over many years of producing for Bar and Bat Mitzvah events. Learn to sell and create centerpieces, sign-in board and books, signage, props, escort cards and lots more.


Foamboard FANTASTIC!

Everything you ever wanted to know about foamboard but were afraid to ask. Let Mark show you how to make the best use of this versatile art product. You will learn cutting techniques, painting, glittering, stenciling, simple mitering techniques, scoring, what tools to buy and lots more. If you ever wanted to work with foamboard, this is your best chance to learn how.


No Frou-Frou Without Due Due (Due Diligence that is!)

Sure, you can make great balloons and build a pretty arch, but how do you sell these items over and over? How do you market your business in the 21st Century? Is keeping your books current a problem? Do you really understand the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Do you have a Web site and really use it to its fullest potential? If any of this sounds confusing, let Mark help you sort it all out in this fast paced class of what you need to know to organize and energize the business side and online side of your company.


Your Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Dollars

Cameras are everywhere today – in your pocket, in your phone, online, offline – it’s hard to keep up! But many of these choices are not always the best option for you to take truly great photographs of your work. Pictures really do speak volumes about your designs, so if your photos don’t look good YOU don’t look good. Let Mark help you raise the level of your design work simply by showing you how to take great photographs every time. Bring your camera and let’s learn to take great photographs together.


From Decorator to Event Planner         

Balloons may be your life, but is there more? There is and it could and should be yours. Learn from one of the industry’s most experienced decorators how to increase your business by entering the realm of total event planning. Tips for organizing and selling entertainment, music, even flowers for a complete event will be discussed.


Phone Facts

Where would any business be without the telephone? There is always so much to learn about phone carriers, systems and especially advertising. You’ll be guaranteed to save money the very first day you get home with the money saving tips you’ll acquire from this class.


Balloon Beginnings

Let Mark take you through the first steps of balloon basics in ways you would never expect. This industry veteran learned many years ago how to do so much so fast to save not only time, but money as well. Come prepared with an open mind and a willingness to try his unique brand of balloon techniques to help your business grow. For seasoned veterans as well.


Got ISES? Now What?

ISES – The International Special Event Society was founded decades ago on the principles of:

  • Collaborative networking
  • Education and professional development
  • Inspiration
  • Outward awareness and credibility

to ensure a thriving global creative events profession.

Learn how to best make use of your membership in this worldwide association that will help make your business grow. Mark is a former Chapter President and two-time award winner of the New York Metro Chapter of ISES.


The Art of the Handshake

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” Body language, artistic handshakes, power negotiations and the value of silence all make for expert skills you need to succeed in business. Market your business and yourself better while learning innovative techniques to sell, sell, sell!