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Who Needs an Event Planner?

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 by in Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Who Needs an Event Planner?

By Richard O’Malley

Anyone who wants a quality event while being left with even a modicum of sanity.

When you really think about it, at what point is a DIY project better than hiring a professional? Home improvements? No, we find architects and reputable contractors. Travel? No, Priceline and the like, get us better prices but travel agents offer their knowledge and expertise. Everywhere we turn, we look to experts for their advice, the time to stop is not the most important day of your life. Whether it is your wedding, mitzvah, product launch, company excursion, fashion or trade show, this is an important day for you, don’t leave it to chance.

To improve your chances of creating a successful event, hire a reputable, event professional. A well connected, experienced planner can save you thousands of dollars. But, more importantly, dozens of headaches and sleepless nights.

Why to Hire an Event Planner (4)

How can hiring a planner save you?

PLAY THE PERCENTAGES:  Many planners, as form of payment, simply charge a percentage of the overall cost of the event invoice. This percentage can vary, but usually falls between 5%-20%. While initially this may sound like quite the expense to add to the tally, after catering, florals, decor, entertainment and the like, you will actually be saving on your total cost. This happens because most planners routinely receive, at least, a 20% discount from their vendors.  At worst, it evens the expense out, but even then, you have an entire team added to produce your event.

PLANNERS ARE EVENT “TYLENOL”:  Planners take care of all of your event’s headaches.  Is weather affecting your day? They handle it. Are the vendors late?  They have a backup plan.  Fire marshals? Security issues? Printing snafu? No worries, they are there to make those issues, not only, less painful, but to pass by completely unnoticed by you.

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HAVE AN “EVENT SHERPA”:  Whether you are planning to assault Everest or just host a great event, it is important to have someone on your team that knows the “ins and outs” of what is in front of you.  Professional planners know what questions to ask and they know the answers that they need to hear, for a safe and successful event.  A professional planner knows that all fabrics need to be IFR(Inherently Flame Resistant) or chemically treated to be acceptable.  They know how to make floor plans and seating charts, safe and functional.  They also know when, and how, to negotiate with vendors for better pricing or services.  They’ve “climbed this mountain” countless times, follow them along their path.

These are just a few of the reasons event planners are important for a successful event,


It just adds up, hire a professional event planner.


You will also find galleries of others who have thrown similar parties. Once you’ve had your crazy night or day, send in photos, video, and information about your event to get featured.


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